jakob sohm

marmorstein jewelry

marmorstein jewelry

identity, graphic design, business card, customized font, videography, website design with shop and programming for marmorstein jewelry. for the shop, visit marmorste.in

homepage with background video showcasing products
shop page with generatively animated looping video of abstract color blobs, which reflect on the aesthetic of the jewelry
item page
item page, suggested items sections

marmorstein jewelry is handmade in a colorful, cute and elegant style that is partly inspired by the 2000s. the name means “marble stone”, and is a traditional jewish name, taken from the founder and designer lili. the name of the brand is therefore not only a reference to lili’s heritage, but also the craft.

goal of the design was to create an atmosphere which complements this style in its liveliness, but stays classy and somewhat timeless. in terms of ui, the philosophy was to stay within expectations of an online shop, with details to make the experience unique and true to the brand.

main logo of marmorstein, the stone mark.
the butterfly mark is adapted from the butterfly in the main logo, optimized to be legible at small sizes – for example for the customized typeface.
detail of the logotype, with customized st connection and butterfly mark as i-dot.
variations of the main logo for different sizes and use cases.
marmorkabel, the customized version of kabel std. it features the butterfly mark as period, accents and other dots.
the stone and butterfly marks are contained within the font file for easy access.

for the logo, kabel neue was used for its improved legibility, cleaner shapes and range of weights, whereas on the website and otherwise, the customized version of the original 1927 kabel is used for its rawness, quirkiness and analog charm.

launch video for social media
video on the homepage of marmorste.in
rotation animation