jakob sohm



work from my employment as digital designer at the photographic equipment retailer lomography. in this time i created product identities, ad banners, social media posts and animations, illustrations and newsletters.

concept and design with hand animated school supplies for the seo optimized magazine section “lomo school”. this playful animation paired with strong, friendly graphic design was used for social media, advertisements and newsletters. see more from this project
accompanying visual system for the lomoapparat chiyoda, a special edition of the lomoapparat point and shoot camera. see more from this project
animated logo in superrealistic gold effect mimicking the packaging of lomography’s newest film, “lomochrome ’92”. see more from this project
rejected animation for social media and ad banners
illustrations for a magazine article / newsletter about photos that look like they could be album covers. the design of the newsletters was an hommage to the music platform bandcamp. see more illustrations
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lomochrome ’92

animated logo and superrealistic gold effect for lomography’s newest film “lomochrome ’92”, mimicking the gold foil of the packaging. this attention grabbing effect and smooth animation were used for social media, advertisements and newsletters.




marmorstein jewelry

identity, graphic design, business card, customized font, videography, website design with shop and programming for marmorstein jewelry. for the shop, visit marmorste.in

homepage with background video showcasing products
shop page with generatively animated looping video of abstract color blobs, which reflect on the aesthetic of the jewelry
item page
item page, suggested items sections

marmorstein jewelry is handmade in a colorful, cute and elegant style that is partly inspired by the 2000s. the name means “marble stone”, and is a traditional jewish name, taken from the founder and designer lili. the name of the brand is therefore not only a reference to lili’s heritage, but also the craft.

goal of the design was to create an atmosphere which complements this style in its liveliness, but stays classy and somewhat timeless. in terms of ui, the philosophy was to stay within expectations of an online shop, with details to make the experience unique and true to the brand.

main logo of marmorstein, the stone mark.
the butterfly mark is adapted from the butterfly in the main logo, optimized to be legible at small sizes – for example for the customized typeface.
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da capo

spec work of corporate identity and website redesign for the orchestra wiener concert verein, subject of my diploma project at the höhere graphische lehr- und versuchsanstalt (with patrick green and luca laimer)

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matchy logo

logo for an app which aims to make speed dating paperless. more design documentation to come. read more about the app at github.com/matchyorg/matchy

logo alternates
monochrome version of the logo, in negative and small


business card holder front

card holder

i was tired of my business cards jostling around loosely and getting dirty in my bag, so i made this holder for them out of cardboard.

business card holder back
business card holder open
business card holder with cards


frequency festival

spec work of corporate identity and website redesign for frequency festival

logo animation for stage screens, advertising, web, etc.
versions for dark and light backgrounds, small applications


bijoux en carton

jewellery made out of carton; collaboration with nico schleicher



spec work of corporate design and exhibition stand for fictional chocolate 3d printer firm